You might remember Lil’ Debbie from the Gucci Gucci music video. She’s the one who looked like a blonde Kreayshawn clone at the time. A few years back, however, she and the so-called “White Girl Mob” (Kreay, Debbie, and V-Nasty) had some kind of falling out, and Lil’ Debbie has been the one to prosper from it. She has stepped out of Kreayshawn’s shadow, and finally released an actual album. Some might argue that Iggy Azalea ruined any white girls’ chances who rap this way, but such is not the case here, with the exception of one or two songs.

Lil’ Debbie’s earlier music was never very serious, and if it was meant to be, it sure missed me. She released tracks with V-Nasty, Dollabillgates, and Riff Raff, to name a few, and they all seemed just a bit too silly to be taken seriously (especially “Michelle Obama“, the Riff feature). This isn’t surprising, as none of the “White Girl Mob” really made anything of actual substance; although V-Nasty did release an entire album with Gucci Mane.

Debbie’s new music shows that she has a serious side: although she’s still having fun, she’s done just being a YouTube rapper. As she says in “Damn”, “internet poppin is like Monopoly money / If I left it up to y’all I woulda quit this shit”.

At the time of the dissolution of the White Girl Mob, Debbie said there were no hard feelings. However, the opposite seems to be the case now. She goes after Kreay at least twice, once in the first track and once in the final track of the album.

There are only two features on this album, and they’re both up-and-coming artists. The first is Starrah, who has been widely well-regarded and has done tracks with Kid Ink, Jeremih, The Weeknd, and Kehlani. She also has writing credits on many popular recent tracks, including “2 Phones” by Kevin Gates. The other is Njomza, who works with Skrillex and has released some pretty cool remixes recently. The track with Starrah, “Whoop” sounds like a Rae Sremmurd track, while the track with Njomza, “Tell Me”, sounds mellow and dreamy.

Of course, the album isn’t perfect. It has three major stumbling points, the worst of which is “Turn Em Out” which really sounds too much like an Iggy track for me. The other weak points on the album are “My Level” and “Okay” which are, while still fun, kind of boring and quite repetitive.


Recommended Tracks: “F That”, “Whoop (ft. Starrah)”, “Tell Me (ft. Njomza)”, “Cake Up”

RIYL: Early Iggy Azalea, Kreayshawn, Riff Raff, Rae Sremmurd, Kevin Gates