Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties is the solo project of Dan “Soupy” Campbell, lead singer of the band The Wonder Years.  The band is a fictional band made of characters created by Campbell in an attempt to tell fictional stories as poignantly as he tells stories of his own life.  He calls it “a character study conducted through music” on the band’s Facebook page.  We Don’t Have Each Other was the only album until 2016, when a three song EP, Bittersweet, was released.

We Don’t Have Each Other is about Aaron West enduring “the worst year of his life”.  Many of the tracks deal with Aaron’s strained relationship with his mother after the death of his father.  Several tracks are about his wife leaving him after the miscarriage of their child.  Overall, the album is about leaving New Jersey to get away from all the bad things that have happened to him.  The last track is a cover of The Mountain Goats that Soupy is said to have chosen to include on the album simply because he liked it, but it does fit the story.

The album plays like a Wonder Years album, but with more acoustic guitar and a slight Americana feel.  Soupy channels a lot of emotion through Aaron, leading to a somehow more raw and hurt feeling throughout than can be found on most Wonder Years tracks.


Recommended Tracks: “St. Joe Keeps Us Safe”, “The Thunderbird Inn”, “Divorce and the American South”

RIYL: The Wonder Years, Ramshackle Glory (or any Pat the Bunny project), Sorority Noise