Sundara Karma’s debut album was my number one album of the first quarter of 2017.  At a time when indie rock is wide open, Sundara Karma have stepped up and poised themselves to be the next big name in the genre.  With driving basslines and drums, guitars, and vocalist Oscar Pollock’s smooth, gymnastic voice, they’re the band I have been waiting for.  You’ve been waiting for them too, whether you knew it or not.

The album as a whole is an energetic, dancy, ethereal, at times pseudo-intellectual ode to youth.  The band brings together elements of The Killers, The Struts, The 1975, and The Strokes to create an album that I would call an absolute blast from start to finish.  “Loveblood” and “Olympia” are two of the most energetic tracks, with choruses that beg to be screamed back at the band and an almost disco feel. “Happy Family” has a nostalgic feeling to it.  “Flame” channels a bit of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness to give off a yearning, almost pleading dance track, a feeling echoed in “Lose the Feeling”.

With Youth is Only Fun in Retrospect, Sundara Karma have gained immense momentum.  I sincerely hope they continue to make music of the same caliber for a long time to come.


RIYL: The Killers, The Struts, The 1975, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Feist, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Recommended Tracks: “She Said”, “Loveblood”, “Lose the Feeling”, “Olympia”, “Happy Family”